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  • Limber Up! – Spinal Extension »

    by Julianne Russell
    ERY-T 200 Coach
    Check out this week’s video on spinal extension.  Today’s is a bit less about stretching and mobilizing and more about strengthening the spine in

  • How to Avoid “Bro” Injuries »

    by Dave Thomas
    Staying healthy is not a difficult endeavor.   Most of us either just don’t want to put in the work to do so, or just flat out do

  • Be the Multi-Vitamin »

    by Dave Thomas
    This won’t take but a minute.  Just wanted to throw together a very quick post to better help folks understand how everything in training

  • The Power of Positive Thinking »

    by Raechel Campbell
    Coach Raechel is indisputably the strongest person at Performance360.  Pound for pound.  Man or woman and it’s not even close.  Her evolution from total beginner to the

  • Limber Up! – Lats & T-Spine »

    by Julianne Russell
    ERY-T 200 Coach
    As we have written about on the P360 website before, the lats are a hugely involved muscle group.  We use them in every pulling

  • 5 Movements for a Better Butt: Part 2 »


    by Dave Thomas
    “There is nothing more physically pleasing on a man or woman than a nicely developed heiny.”

  • How to Run Faster »

    by Maria Alcoke
    P360 Speed Coach
    I’m writing this article at 22 weeks pregnant, and while at the moment I don’t feel particularly ‘speedy’ or ‘agile’, I do have quite

  • February Members of the Month »

    We are back for another edition of P360 members of the month! For those of you wondering how we decide on this, our entire staff gets a thread going at

  • Limber Up! – Feet »

    by Julianne Russell
    ERY-T 200 Coach
    Many people often neglect the muscles and connective tissue of the feet when performing mobility work. 

  • Plateau Busters, Vol. 2 »

    by Dave Thomas
    We’re back with another edition of Plateau Busters, workouts you can do in open gym to help you push past plateaus, improve sticking

  • Limber Up! – Shoulders »

    By Julianne Russell
    ERY-T 200
    Today, Coach Julianne talks shoulders and upper chest and how to keep the all important shoulders healthy.

    Check out our full library of mobility

  • 5 Helpful Tools for Under Fifty Bucks »

    by Dave Thomas
    Today’s post is a quick hitter on things you can buy to really improve your skills and mobility, all without breaking

  • Limber Up!: Quads and Flexors »

    By Julianne Russell
    E-RYT 200 Coach
    This week, Coach J is back talking about stretching the quads and flexors.  Check out our latest video on how to keep them loose,

  • A Weak Grip is Strong Enough to Hold You Back »

    by Robby Sparango
    USAW L1, Gripsport
    (Scram, chin-ups, this aint about ya’ll)
    I could go on and on about the importance of hand

  • Learning the Hook Grip »

    by Caitlin Friedhoff
    CPT, USAW L1
    Want to know a secret that all good Olympic lifters use to pick up heavy weight? They hook grip the barbell, every one

  • Limber Up!: T-Spine, Part II »

    by Julianne Russell
    Many of us are limited in our Olympic lifts for a wide variety of reasons.  It could be ankles, hips, shoulders or many potential problem areas

  • Strict or Kipping? »

    by Dave Thomas

    As the person in charge of programming for a gym of nearly six hundred people, I get a lot of training questions. One

  • Are You the Hammer or the Nail? »

    by Dave Thomas
    Our long-term results are decided before the first day we ever step foot in the gym.  Are you mentally tough or are you fragile?  Do you have

  • 6 Quick Tips for Better Pushups »

    By Dave Thomas
    We are unapologetic pushup nazis at P360.  We love the little things done right and if you pay close attention to your pushup reps,

  • Limber Up!: Hips, Part 2 – Piriformis »

    by Julianne Russell
    In part two of Julianne’s hip series, she goes into what could be causing your lower back pain or tightness, in turn leading to that dulling feeling

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